Our success…

is directly linked to these vital partnerships. We count on our suppliers to be dependable and on time, and to give us their best service and performance. Suppliers that share our competitive spirit and focus on excellence are rewarded with our loyalty and a valuable alliance with a growing international company

Our Global

Procurement team helps us manage our critical supplier relationships to benefit the Kohler family of businesses. It helps us keep our costs down and remain competitive, while improving our efficiency. This team is the central link in our supply chain and develops significant opportunities for our top providers

Harresh Overseas Trading Company. India

Exports various products from India , Cotton Ropes & HDPE [Nylon Ropes], Steel Wire Ropes & Slings  , Cotton Canvas, Cotton Mull & Industrial Fabrics , General Oil Field & Refinery Supplies: safety Shoes, Pipe fittings & Flanges , Coveralls: made to BS Sizes & Standards , Steel Shims, Non Ferrous Sheets & rods, Wire Mesh  , Non Asbestos Jointing Sheets , Steel grating , Electroforged Gratings & Steel Floor Tiles to BS 4592 , Detergents suitable for Manual & Machine wash. ,Most of our products are made to BS/ EN / ASTM Standar

Wqfiberglass. KSA

Water Tanks (250 to 30000 US Gallon capacities), Chemical Storage Tanks, Storage Tanks for Diesel and Other Material, Septic and Sewer Tanks, Polypropylene (PP) Lined Chemical Tanks, FRP Spools and Fittings, Corrugated and Plain Sheets, Tanks for Truck Mountity, FRP/GRP/RTR Pipes & Fittings, Butt Rap Joints, Adhesive & Site Lamination, Fiberglass Gratings – Molded & Pultruded Panel Types, Fiberglass Ladders with Cage & Fiberglass Handrails.

Avenir Technologies. UAE

Our Plant Reliability & condition monitoring products includes Electric Motor (MCSA) testers, Thermal Imaging Cameras, Vibration Analyzers and sensors, Bearing Fault monitors, Flare & Smoke monitoring for flare stacks, Infrared Temperature Sensors, Vibration Sensors, Switches, Lab & Test Equipment’s