Overview of our services…

AGGJO provides wide range of industries with innovative products and services

AGGJO is providing many clients in various industries with maintenance services contracts for generators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies & Building Maintenance Units and many more

And in detail…

The Industrial Solutions business area of AGG is a leading partner for the engineering, construction and service of industrial plants and systems. Based on our principle companies  of experience we supply tailored, turnkey plants and components for customers in the chemical, fertilizer, cement, mining and steel industries. As a system partner to the automotive sector we develop highly specialized solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Oil & Gas

We are serving the Oil and Gas industry in the region at different levels including exploration, drilling and production.

AGG offers procurement services for many industries

mainly the Petrochemical, Gas, Oil, Mining, Water, power, Safety, labs& Medical.


Fertilizers are key to rejuvenating the soil by providing nutrients the plants need to grow healthily.

In detail…

The chemical industry comprises the companies that produce industrial chemicals. Central to the modern world economy, it converts raw materials (oil, natural gas, air, water, metals, and minerals) into more than 70,000 different products


In detail…

AGG capable of supplying educational laboratories with highest quality; equipment, experiments and complete lab solutions, our products and services cover educational labs in universities (undergraduate (Engineering. Science, Human Science, Medical, Pharmaceutical), postgraduate projects & research Labs), Schools (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Applied Sciences), Vocational Training Centers and Research Centers and Institutes. Below are some of our clients in this industry.

In detail…

1-All types of mechanical work shop machines such as:-

  -Lathes M/C.

  -Boring M/C.

Drilling M/C   –

  -Shaping M/C      

  -Sawing M/C.

  -Shearing  M/C.

  -Rolling M/C.

  -Balancing M/C.………..etc   

2-All types of pumps (centrifugal or displacement pumps )

3-All types of hydraulic pumps, motors and cylinders.

4-Plate heat exchangers.

5-Heater burners.

6-Most kind of Valves.

7-Most kinds of Gear Boxes.

8-Pneumatic Equipment.

9- manufacture any obsolute spare parts or any old expired equipments(rotating equipments and fixed equipments)(in Jordan and Turkey)

10- manufacture any type of Vessels, tanks ; shutes and others shapes …….

11-fabrications and weld any work at sight of plants.

12- provide reverse engineering and consultant for general production process.

13- annual service agreements for any type of control systems or others automation cycles.


our services and maintenance

We are pleased in Amman gate Co. -Maintenance section to offer you new services related to maintenance of different types of mechanical equipment in specific that works with hydraulic power. Where we have technical staff specialized in this tasks and has extensive experience in maintenance of such equipment.Our professional maintenance team can accomplish the required maintenance works at your sites wherever located or at your workshops with high quality and advanced technology

In detail…

  • Mechanical works including prefabrication and installation of raw mill separator outlet duct, pre-heater cyclones central tube changing, pre-calciner and riser duct plate changing and raw mill cyclones plates’ fabrication and installation.
  • Erection and commissioning of industrial equipment and production lines.
  • Optimization Services: Improvement of plant availability, enhance production, reduce shut-downs, optimize maintenance work and increase profitability.
  • Rehabilitation of production lines.
  • Electro Mechanical services and maintenance contracts for industrial equipment.
  • Project management and planning.
  • Reversing the girth gear & pinions for kilns.
  • Replacing complete rails & supporting structure & realign complete deep pan conveyors of kiln.
  • Refractory (bricks and castables) demolishing and installation in the kiln, cooler and pre-heater areas.

reverse services

For cement industry we can offer very specific services such as:

  • Rehabilitation of conveying equipment and material handling system.
  • Drive system installation and maintenance including installation of gear boxes and reversing the girth gear and pinions.
  • Kiln shell replacement.
  • Kiln alignment and tyres grinding.
  • Refractory installation.
  • General mechanical shutdown maintenance.
  • Refurbish of electrical equipment and Upgrading of control system.

In detail…

  • Powertrain Testing
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Serial Production
  • Final Assembly
  • Powertrain Assembly Lines
  • Dies
  • Body in White
  • Prototypes
  • Electric motor assembly
  • Standardized Solutions

Solutions for the automotive industry

For our customers in the automotive industry, we are the system partner for all key components in the car body and power train process chains. We have a long  experience in overcoming technical limitations through innovation. We achieve this with quality, comprehensive engineering skills and a great deal of passion for projects.